Drainage Mapping

Drainage mapping– Mapping of the type, dimensions and state of the drainage network is an important component and has the potential to establish detailed flood inundation models that can be used to simulate floods at unprecedented scales. A specialized Ramani Huria drainage mapping team has been active in surveying drainage data, cleaning and quality checking with the result that there is now accurate drainage data for Mikocheni, Msasani, Kinondoni, Mwananyamala, Sinza, Kijitonyama, Hanansifu, Ndugumbi, Makumbusho, Mzimuni, Tandale, Manzese, Buguruni, Vingunguti, Magomeni, Kigogo, Mchikichini, Ilala, Mkurumula and Mburahati. We use locally available tools such as tape measure, custom made measuring stick and a smartphone installed with ODK to map drainage channels of the city. We partner with Deltares in the Netherlands on the development of this flood model.